ATHE Level 7 Post Graduate Diploma in Strategic Management leading to an MBA

This qualification is inspired and based upon the Masters in Business Administration which is a world renowned higher education qualification which encompasses all the core competencies required of a senior business manager.

On the QCF at level 7 which is equivalent to MBA level, the ATHE Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management is recognised by UK universities as equivalent to their own MBA content. The qualification is not tied to any specific industry or country, and instead outlines the skills and knowledge that meet the needs of managers in different sectors on a domestic and international platform. Learners must complete the five mandatory units totalling 85 credits plus a further three or four units from the list of optional units to achieve a minimum of 120 credits. On successful completion of the programme students will be able to continue their studies at a UK university to gain MBA degree through accreditation of prior learning by just completing a dissertation in 4-6 months.

Unit   Title Credit GLH
Organisational Behaviour 15 60
Global Business Strategy 15 60
Strategic Resource Management 15 60
Finance for Strategic Managers 15 60
Research for Senior Managers 25 60
Human Resource Management 15 60
Project Management 15 60
Programme Leadership 10 40
Economics for Business 15 60
Risk Management 10 40
Strategic Marketing 15 60
Corporate Communications Strategies 10 30
Manage Continuous Organisational Improvement 15 60
Sustainable Business Strategy 10 40
Strategic Planning 15 45
Managing Quality and Service Delivery 10 40